Xavier Lopez

Associate, Economic Mobility Policy

As a member of the America Forward Policy team, Xavier focuses on policy solutions pertaining to economic mobility, social innovation, and higher education. He supports efforts toward Coalition coordination, congressional relations, and policy engagement. He also co-authors ongoing research at America Forward regarding evidence funds and social innovation policy.

Xavier is an Up To Us alumnus, The Fund For American Studies Alumnus, a former Civic Engagement Fellow, a former Reagan Institute Fellow, and a former professional Deliberative Dialogues Moderator and Trainer. He has facilitated over one hundred “deliberative dialogues” forums in the Houston, TX area and across the country, in partnership with The National Issues Forums Institute about national debt, free speech, gun safety, border security, COVID-19, and more.

Before joining the America Forward team as a Policy Associate, Xavier served as the State Organizing Board Co-chair in Texas for Country First, a bipartisan organization aimed at defeating toxic partisanship, mending social divisions, and repairing democracy through proven solutions. He was recognized for his work by the Global Clinton Initiative by Chelsea Clinton as a young person who consistently places policy over politics.

Xavier was born and raised in Houston, TX. He is a proud son to two first-generation immigrants from Mexico and El Salvador.