America Forward Coalition Members Step Up — June 2024

Every month, America Forward highlights examples of the vital work our Coalition members do to support students, families, educators, workers, elected leaders, advocates, and communities across the country. If your organization has resources, an announcement, or a story you would like to see included, please send it to

BARR Center

The BARR Center works to improve teaching and learning across the country – more than 360,000 students and 350 schools have already benefited from their model. The BARR Model is an evidence-based, 8-part strategy that allows educators to build up students’ strengths, address and support variables in their students’ lives, and encourage them to thrive – both in and out of the classroom. Critically, their program has some of the strongest supportive evidence for student and educator success available. You can read more about the success of their programming in The Hechinger Report here, and check out their online resources today!

Envision Learning Partners

Envision Learning Partners seeks to provide transformational, high-quality learning assessment experiences that prepare students – particularly under resourced students – for successful futures. This work includes training educators in high-quality performance assessment principles, partnering with schools to design and implement new types of assessments, and coaching systems change that can invite inclusive, adaptive, innovative leadership. You can learn more about their critical work to transform assessment from their online blog and resource library. Don’t miss their latest paper: Clearing The Path For Assessment Innovation!

Latinos for Education

Across the country, Latinos for Education uplifts, connects, and engages Latino leadership in education to better support the next generation of Latino students. This Spring, they launched their first fellowship of Familias Latinas Por La Educación in Massachusetts! This exciting new effort is an expansion of the Familias Latinas Por La Educación (Latino Family Education Fellowship) program, which helps parents of school-aged children learn how to advocate for and support their children during their educational journey by engaging with their kids, school leadership, district officials, and elected representatives. You can learn more and join in their work on their website today.

Per Scholas

Per Scholas, a nonprofit that works to scale up training for high-growth technology careers, has recently opened a new campus in Kansas City, in partnership with Great Jobs KC, to address the growing demand for skilled tech professionals. This new campus, in addition to 24 other locations across the country, will allow Per Scholas to continue expanding their mission of supporting those looking for professional development or job training for an in-demand industry, as well as helping employers find or upskill essential employees. You can apply now or learn more about their work today!


Transcend works with schools across the country to develop and expand high-impact, equitable learning environments and opportunities. This July, Transcend is hosting their in-person, three-day Whole Child Institute to uplift the importance of supporting the whole child and introduce key teaching methods that can advance educators’ ability to implement holistic approaches. You can register today to join them in Washington D.C. In addition, Transcend has many online resources where you can learn more, including their community-based design models and insights on providing high-dosage tutoring.

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