August 2022

Biden-Harris Administration Signals Critical Focus on Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing

Our country is facing an unprecedented mental health crisis among young people. The  isolation and disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has had a deeply negative impact on the well-being of young people in particular. Late last month, after pointing to the crisis during his first State of the Union, President Biden and his Administration announced two new, significant actions

America Forward Congratulates Shirley Sagawa on Confirmation to AmeriCorps Board of Directors

On Friday, August 5, America Forward released the following statement congratulating America Forward Advisory Board member Shirley Sagawa on her confirmation to the AmeriCorps Board of Directors: “There are few people in America as dedicated to expanding and strengthening national service as Shirley Sagawa. Shirley’s career has been defined by an indefatigable commitment to ensuring that service is a cornerstone