June 2024

Defining Postsecondary Success to Advance Equity, Innovation, and Effective Strategies

How we define “success” in higher education is critical to advancing equitable, innovative, effective policies and practices. That definition sets the stage for how actors across the system set priorities, commit resources, partner with stakeholders, and assess their progress. Last month, America Forward partnered with leading postsecondary student success organization One Million Degrees (OMD) to submit a response to a

Strengthening Proximate Voices in Federal Policy Development

America Forward is dedicated to uplifting the voices of proximate leaders and stakeholders in federal policy conversations. This spring, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) put out a Request for Information with the goal of strengthening its engagement with communities and developing overarching frameworks that agencies can use for public participation and community engagement, known as PPCE. Last month,