America Forward Applauds The Release Of The Commission On Evidence-Based Policymaking’s Final Report

Members of the America Forward Coalition issued the following statement on the release of the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking’s final report on Thursday, September 7, 2017:

“Members of the America Forward Coalition applaud the release of the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking’s final report and recommendations, “The Promise of Evidence-Based Policymaking.” This bipartisan, cross-sector Commission was created through an equally bipartisan legislative process that was led by Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senator Patty Murray (D-WA). The Commission’s charge to study how to increase the availability and use of data to support the incorporation of evidence and outcomes in the development of policies and in the funding of interventions at the federal level aligns with America Forward’s principles and priorities. The America Forward Coalition now stands ready to help advance the Commission’s findings and recommendations and to work with the Administration and Congress to expand opportunities for evidence-building in government to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of federal programs and to improve people’s lives through access to programs that work.”

The America Forward Coalition is a network of more than 70 social innovation organizations that champion innovative, effective, and efficient solutions to our country’s most pressing social problems. Our Coalition members are achieving measurable outcomes in more than 14,500 communities nationwide, touching the lives of 8 million Americans each year, and driving progress in education, workforce development, early learning, poverty alleviation, public health, Pay for Success/Pay for Outcomes, social innovation, national service, and criminal justice reform. Since 2007, America Forward’s community of entrepreneurs has played a leading role in driving the national dialogue on social innovation and advocating for lasting policy change.

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