America Forward Statement: Encouraging Action by the House Education and Labor Committee on the College Affordability Act

This morning, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor, by a vote of 28-22, passed H.R. 4674, the College Affordability Act to reauthorize the Higher Education Act. Below is America Forward’s statement on this step of the reauthorization process:

“America Forward is encouraged by the work of the House Committee on Education and Labor to advance the College Affordability Act (H.R. 4674), which reauthorizes critical higher education programs that provide access and affordability for many of those served by our America Forward Coalition members.  America Forward is pleased that the legislation supports many of the policy areas that our Coalition is collectively working to advance, including:

  • Establishing a postsecondary student data system that provides more accurate data on enrollment, progression, completion, and outcomes, as well as information on costs and financial aid so that students and families can make better-informed decisions;
  • Simplifying the application process through updates to the FAFSA;
  • Ensuring teachers and school leaders are well-prepared and well-supported so they can work with all students including those with disabilities and English learners and have the skills to address such things as social and emotional learning and trauma-informed care; and
  • Providing opportunities to attain higher education outside of a traditional 2- or 4-year program through dual enrollment programs and access to short-term Pell Grants

We are pleased to see the House Committee takes this first and important step to reauthorize the Higher Education Act (HEA).  As Congress continues its work on the HEA in both the House and the Senate, we look forward to a final, bipartisan reauthorization bill that continues to align with our collective priorities.”

To learn more about America Forward’s Coalition work click here.

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