America Forward Statement in Support of Pay for Success Congressional Leaders

The following statement is from America Forward, New Profit’s nonpartisan policy arm.

America Forward applauds those members of Congress who are leading on the effort to initiate, replicate, and expand Pay for Success and the use of evidence and outcomes when making federal policy and budget decisions. In particular, we commend those Representatives and Senators who are co-sponsoring the Social Impact Partnership Act, which aims to demonstrate innovative Pay for Success strategies that can help tackle social challenges while evaluating programs more closely in order to achieve desired outcomes for individuals, families, and communities in need and incentivize more efficient use of government resources to reward what works.

As highlighted in a briefing hosted by America Forward and featuring leaders in the Pay for Success movement including Representatives Todd Young (R-IN; pictured above) and John Delaney (D-MD), Third Sector Capital PartnersSocial Finance and the University of Utah’s Policy Innovation Lab on Thursday,  June 18, 2015, Pay for Success has the ability to drive government funding toward high-quality, effective programs that measurably improve lives.  This funding approach, where government pays for services if a program gets results, ensures that taxpayer dollars are used to achieve outcomes, improves government programs, and helps individuals and communities in need.

The Social Impact Partnership Act and other Pay for Success legislation, including last year’s Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), which included an America Forward-championed Pay for Success provision, and a new round of Social Innovation Fund (SIF) Pay for Success grants, are important steps in shaking up the status quo in government funding, building dynamic cross-sector partners, and driving resources to higher-impact social solutions. America Forward looks forward to working with Congress to advance Pay for Success legislation.

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