Presidential 2016: Promoting Innovative Community Solutions for the Next President

The following post was authored by Nicole Truhe, Government Affairs Director at America Forward.

At America Forward, we are challenging the next President to support solutions that work to solve what both parties have identified as our nation’s greatest challenges—reforming government by funding what works, expanding higher education attainment, and developing a modern 21st century workforce—to unleash the unlimited potential of all Americans. During this election season, there has been more talk about our problems and what is not working than a focus on solutions and what is working. All around the country, in communities big and small, the organizations of the America Forward Coalition are finding better ways to solve new and old problems, but they are operating at too small of scale relative to the size of the problems they aim to address. The next President has the opportunity to change that reality.

Over the past year, America Forward has been working to amplify solutions to these challenges through blog posts, op-eds, and most recently radio interviews. Below are a few of these pieces highlighting the policy solutions included in our briefing book, Moving America Forward: Innovators Lead the Way to Unlocking America’s Potential, and the incredible work of the over 70 members that comprise the America Forward Coalition.


With only 50 days until Election Day, America Forward and our Coalition members will continue to engage the Presidential Nominees and their senior policy staffers and leverage strategic communications to lift up the solutions that are being advanced by communities and our organizations every day. The next President should take note and advance the impact of these community solutions come January 20, 2017.

Read more about how social innovators in the America Forward Coalition are solving America’s biggest problems in communities across the country every day in our briefing book, Moving America Forward: Innovators Lead the Way to Unlocking America’s Potential, and join the conversation. Follow @America_Forward and join the conversation using #AFPresidential16.

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