Statement on the 2022 Midterm Elections

November 9, 2022 – We commend the millions of Americans who participated in this year’s midterm elections. The effort made by so many – and especially young people – to vote and make their voices heard reflects the undimmed importance of civic engagement and electing leaders committed to moving our country and our communities forward.

At America Forward, our Coalition of bold, dedicated innovators and advocates looks forward to working closely with the members of the 118th Congress to identify and implement the most effective solutions to advance equity, foster innovation, and expand opportunity for students, educators, workers, and families.

Across the country, voters went to the polls against the backdrop of numerous, urgent challenges – deepening partisan division, the threat of misinformation, the continued recovery from a global pandemic, and persistent inequity in access to education, health, economic stability, and safety. And voters  across the country delivered a clear mandate for our elected leaders: prioritize policies and investments that strengthen our communities. 

The America Forward Coalition comprises a broad, diverse group of high-impact nonprofits and social enterprises – led by visionary, proximate leaders – dedicated to providing vital support to the communities they serve. We are committed to leveraging this dynamic Coalition and connecting policymakers with the most actionable, evidence-based solutions to make education work better for every student, including greater emphasis on whole-learner approaches; elevate the importance of high-quality external partners; improve workforce development; expand economic opportunity; strengthen our democracy; and more. 

Our elected leaders in the next Congress have an opportunity – a responsibility – to bring new ideas to the forefront and scale inclusive, impactful, and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing our communities. At America Forward, we stand ready to support them in this effort and help create a brighter, more equitable future for everyone in America. 




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