Statement on Violence at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas

Nineteen students and two teachers went to school in Uvalde, Texas yesterday and were murdered in yet another horrific act of gun violence. We join the Uvalde community and people all around the country in mourning the 21 lives cut short, and our hearts ache for the parents, family members, friends, and loved ones experiencing such unfathomable grief. 

It has been 23 years since Columbine. 10 years since Newtown. 4 years since Parkland. With each new act of violence, another community is torn asunder, another school becomes synonymous with horrific violence, and the educational experience of an entire generation of students, educators, staff, and parents continues to be defined by lockdowns, active shooter drills, and fear. What was once “incomprehensible” has become “yet again.” This is our current reality. And it will be our future – unless members of Congress finally take action and prioritize protecting people over preserving power.

At America Forward, our staff and the organizations we work alongside are dedicated to strengthening school communities across the country. They are parents themselves, advocates, and experts working to ensure that every student, educator, staff person, parent, and caregiver has the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. But no one in our schools – students or adults – can learn, grow, and flourish under the constant threat of gun violence.

We mourn the children and educators murdered in Colorado, in Connecticut, in Florida, in Texas, and in schools across the country where the violence doesn’t make national news, but we cannot honor them with thoughts and prayers alone. Our elected leaders must take action to prevent this recurring violence, to pass common-sense gun control, and protect the millions more students, educators, staff, and families around the country whose lives are increasingly defined by trauma and fear. At America Forward, we remain committed to working with our Coalition organizations and partners to help our school communities heal, and to continue advocating, together, for policies that address the trauma of gun violence, protect the health and safety of everyone in our schools, and save lives.


For parents, caregivers, educators, or others seeking support in talking with young people about yesterday’s events and violence in our schools, here are some helpful resources:

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