Evidence in Action: Expanding Access to Opportunity Through Work-Based Education Programs

Thanks to the persistence of social entrepreneurs across the country, every day we see strategies that are working and delivering results in a rapidly changing world. This Evidence in Action blog series highlights the voices of the more than 70 social innovation organizations that make up the America Forward Coalition, the results-driven solutions our community has to our country’s most pressing social

In Defense of the Social Innovation Fund

Our country recognizes the importance of using data and evidence in developing policy, allocating budgets, and awarding grant dollars. The push for this evidence-based approach to policymaking has generated several programs that are substantially impacting the lives of children, youth, and adults in communities across America. However, The Social Innovation Fund (SIF), along with many of the federal programs that

Take 5: “Another Chance for Teens” and more…

Here's five social innovation links we are clicking on today: Amplify-New Profit Blog: America Forward: Top 5 Issue Updates "Here are the top 5 things America Forward and the America Forward Coalition are working on right now." The New York Times: Another Chance for Teens "The conventional wisdom among social scientists is that there’s little payoff in investing in troubled