Take 5: #SocInn News Links: 5/8/14


Here’s five interesting #SocInn links we’re clicking on today:

  1. Bloomberg: Goldman’s Bullish on Boston Bloods Staying Out of Jail A look at the MA Juvenile Justice Pay for Success initiative and Roca, the Initiative’s service provider. “The beauty of social-impact bonds, adherents say, is that everyone wins. States and municipalities get prevention programs that they might not otherwise be willing or able to fund. Social-service nonprofits get stable, multiyear capital to bring about large-scale change. Investors get a chance to do, and be seen doing, good. Taxpayers, meanwhile, aren’t on the hook if the interventions don’t work out. As for the young men, Roca’s programs have succeeded in keeping many from returning to jail.” New Profit is a proud funder of the Massachusetts Juvenile Justice Pay For Success Initiative.
  2. Harvard University: Making College Possible For Low Income High Achievers In this policy cast, Harvard Kennedy School Professor Christopher Avery discusses his research, which “has shown that a large number of low-income students aren’t even applying for selective schools, despite being well qualified.” Professor Avery also mentions another report detailing College Possible, a non-profit dedicated to preparing a broad base of low income students for 4-year institutions. New Profit is a proud funder of College Possible.
  3. New York Post: A real win for NYC’s schoolkids Jonathan Schleifer, executive director of Educators 4 Excellence, applauds the new teachers contract agreed upon by the city and the United Federation of Teachers. The contract is very much aligned with a proposal put forth by the teachers from Educators 4 Excellence-New York, which includes a more meaningful teacher-evaluation system that is meant to provide a more accurate picture of a teacher’s effectiveness. New Profit is a proud funder of Educators 4 Excellence.
  4. Teach For All: Wendy Kopp Urges Graduates to Work Towards Improving Education “Teach For All CEO Wendy Kopp delivered a commencement address in Doha, Qatar, to nearly 600 graduates of the universities of Education City. In a country that has seen tremendous development—including in higher education—over the last decade, Wendy encouraged graduates to focus on the long game and the slow, hard work of providing an excellent education for all.” The transcript of her inspiring speech is provided. Teach For All is a past New Profit portfolio organization.
  5. Huffington Post: The Crisis We Can’t Afford Opportunity Nation’s Executive Director, Mark Edwards, argues that all students should be provided with the skills they need to succeed in today’s globally competitive economy, and companies should be provided with the trained talent they need. He urges that we must revamp our career and technical education programs. Opportunity Nation is an America Forward Coalition member.
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