America Forward Coalition Members Step Up — August 2023

Every month, America Forward highlights examples of the vital work being done by our Coalition members to support students, families, educators, workers, elected leaders, advocates, and communities across the country. If your organization has resources, an announcement, or a story you would like to see included, please send it to

BARR Center

The BARR Center is dedicated to helping educators and administrators cultivate supportive environments and relationships for the students they serve, in order to set them up for academic success and bright futures. They partner with schools across the country to strategize and support the whole learner and school community, from professional development to revised curricula to family engagement. Their website provides a number of free resources that you can utilize today, including a Back-to-School Educator Guide!


TalkingPoints is a nonprofit that seeks to use accessible technology to increase family participation and boost children’s educational outcomes in historically under-resourced communities. This month, as part of their effort to spread the word about technology’s potential to support students, educators, and caregivers, TalkingPoints has started a new series of live office hours across their social media platforms! You can join every Thursday at 4:30 PM CST on their Facebook, YouTube, and X (formerly known as Twitter) pages.


Opportunity@Work seeks to open doors to new career paths and job markets for workers without a traditional bachelor’s degree but who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs). The organization works across the country to uplift STARS and connect them with employers to drive positive change in the workforce development and employment process. If you’re looking to find employees or apply to jobs based on skills-based talent matching, you can join their platform, Stellarworx, which connects STARs to high quality jobs and career paths today!


This August marks the 11th anniversary of the day U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) began accepting DACA applications. Aliento works to support the well-being and advancement of undocumented, DACA, and mixed immigration status families through leadership development programs, mental health and healing workshops, community organizing, and more. This month, Aliento is uplifting their updated DACA Resource Page that includes FAQs, news, action items for allies, and important assistance for anyone who needs it.

Diverse Charter Schools Coalition

The Diverse Charter Schools Coalition works to advance the idea that American schools should reflect the diversity of our country, in order to enrich childrens’ educational experiences. The Coalition’s efforts include member engagement, advocacy, shared research and analysis, and convenings. You can learn more about their work by checking out their free resources and research on topics like engaging families, culturally responsive schools, and understanding DEI!

Service Year

Service Year Alliance, which works to make a year of national service an expectation and opportunity for all young Americans, is calling on Congress to reject proposed cuts to AmeriCorps — the largest national service program. Currently, the proposed budget in the House cuts AmeriCorps funding by over 50%, a major blow to programming and ability for community impact. You and your organization can join this AmeriCorps FY24 sign-on letter and use this toolkit created by Voices for National Service to join Service Year Alliance in calling on Congress to increase AmeriCorps funding now!

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