America Forward Coalition Members Step up — September & October 2021

Every month, America Forward is highlighting a few examples of the vital work being done by our Coalition members to support students, families, educators, workers, elected leaders, advocates, and communities across the country. If your organization has resources, an announcement, or a story that you would like to see included, please send it to


Every student and family deserves the resources and supports necessary to thrive — in the classroom and beyond — regardless of immigration status. To support Dreamers, undocumented students, and mixed-status families, Aliento has compiled resources to help their community navigate COVID-19, DACA updates, access to lawyers, medical and emotional health services, and more.

FUSE Corps

The economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted communities across the country, putting millions of households at risk of eviction and in need of rent relief. To ensure everyone — including renters, owners, or people currently unhoused — are able to stay safe and healthy, FUSE Corps partnered with civic leaders in California to develop and implement critical solutions to the current housing crisis.


exalt is committed to showing up for the young people they serve and providing the support and resources they need to ensure no one is left behind. In their exalt 2021 video, they highlight the work they’ve done over the past year to end cycles of mass incarceration and the school-to-prison pipeline, and feature voices and stories from their community.

Eye to Eye

All students deserve individualized, personalized approaches to learning, and Eye to Eye’s David Flink understands the unique needs of students with learning and attention issues firsthand. His new book, “Thinking Differently,” provides an “innovative, comprehensive guide—the first of its kind—to help parents understand and accept learning disabilities in their children, offering tips and strategies for successfully advocating on their behalf and helping them become their own best advocates.”

Citizen Schools

Through their recent four-part webinar series, Student Engagement Through Hands-On Learning & Mentors, Citizen Schools offers guidance on how to design and implement innovative approaches to experiential learning. The series was “developed to explore design thinking, experiential learning, maker education, and social-emotional learning” to help middle school educators across all levels of experience and backgrounds implement hands-on learning in the classroom. The webinars cover:

  • “The foundations of experiential learning, including maker-centered learning
  • Leveraging career mentors from your community to build Social Emotional Learning skills
  • Developing meaningful student work products and sharing remote learning tools
  • Technology that can support your pedagogical practices”
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