America Forward Coalition: Responding to COVID-19 in Communities Across the Country

America Forward is proud to share this catalog of ongoing work in response to the COVID-19 crisis by America Forward Coalition members in communities across the country.

This compilation highlights a broad range of nonprofits and social entrepreneurs across the America Forward Coalition and provides a snapshot of how these innovative, results-driven organizations are adapting and working tirelessly to serve their communities in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Over the remainder of 2020, we look forward to inviting policymakers, elected officials, and campaign staff from both parties to join us to discuss the COVID-19 crisis with the leaders of the America Forward nonprofit organizations highlighted below.

We’d like to thank our Coalition members for the outpouring of impactful and inspiring stories about your work in this difficult time, in response to our surveys and invitations on this topic over the past month. We will work to keep this compilation updated – if any members of our Coalition wish to add additional updates in the coming weeks, feel free to do so via our survey here.
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