Moving America Forward: Countdown to Election Day

The following post was written by America Forward Government Affairs Director Nicole Truhe.

Only five days until the almost 150 million Americans who are registered to vote cast their ballot for who they want to serve as the 45th President of the United States along with a myriad of other federal, state and local positions that will collectively influence policies impacting everyone’s daily lives. Available data indicates that over 24 million individuals[1] have already exercised their right through early and absentee voting. This very interesting election season could end with record turnout as another unique element to be captured in the history books.

Though every year most states and localities hold elections for some position or ballot measure, it is only every four years that we as a Nation come together and choose who we want to lead us and direct our country through the inevitable ebbs and flows of life. At America Forward, as we have in years past, we have been engaged in the current Presidential election effort to promote innovative policy ideas that align with our Coalition’s focus on elevating effective, local solutions to the national level to drive systemic change.

We believe that the solutions to some of our country’s greatest challenges are out there just waiting to be tapped. We also believe that social innovators and entrepreneurs are advancing effective community solutions that address the educational challenges faced by students, the workforce barriers many Americans confront, and the opportunity divide that plagues citizens seeking a second chance at a better life. Finally, we believe the next President has the opportunity to lift up these solutions advanced by our Coalition members and many of those in our network by fostering an environment that cultivates cross-sector partnerships, measures what matters, and invests in what works.

Our effort to highlight these solutions and organizations continues through Election Day and beyond. We will be holding the third in our series of Twitter Town Halls on Friday, November 4th at 1:00 EST. Our Moving America Forward Twitter Town Hall will be focused on lifting up what works in policy and practice and the organizations advancing these ideas for the next Administration to consider. We will talk about ways the next President can support innovative actions in workforce development, education, and national service as well as how the next Administration could and should use data and evidence in its decision-making process. Follow us @America_Forward using hashtag #AFPresidential16 to join the conversation.

We have also released policy proposals we have developed for the President-elect’s transition team to consider. These ideas include both First 100 Days and First Term ideas that are concrete, actionable and help translate the local impact of community solutions into national change to measurably improve lives. With these policy priorities in hand, our hope is to influence the focus of the next President’s agenda and that effort begins in earnest after Election Day results are in.

If you haven’t already, join us in this effort by being a part of the conversation on Friday, November 4th at 1:00 or by becoming an America Forward Coalition member. In addition, vote. It is a right held by many but regularly exercised by too few. Make your voice heard and help influence the direction of this country and help all of us move America forward.


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