Practice to Policy: Early Interventions to End Chronic Homelessness

Every day social innovators and social innovation organizations across the country are measurably impacting communities and individuals. This Practice to Policy blog series lifts up the voices of the more than 70 organizations that make up the America Forward Coalition and our broader social innovation network by highlighting their outcomes-based solutions to our country’s most pressing social problems and why these solutions must be reflected in our federal policies.

Today, America Forward Coalition organization LISC, which works to forge resilient and inclusive communities of opportunity across America, shares its post “Early Interventions to End Chronic Homelessness,” about how LISC’s Pay for Success team is using Pay for Success to scale up a promising program in the Washington, DC area to help reduce the long-term effects of homelessness on transition-aged youth.

This post is part of America Forward’s Practice to Policy blog series. Follow along on Twitter with #Practice2Policy and catch up on the series here.

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