Practice to Policy Blog Series

As part of America Forward’s 10th Anniversary celebration, our Practice to Policy blog series lifts up the voices of the more than 70 organizations that make up the America Forward Coalition and our broader social innovation network by highlighting their outcomes-based solutions to our country’s most pressing social problems and why these solutions must be reflected in our federal policies. Catch up on the series below and follow along on Twitter using #Practice2Policy. For updates about our 10th Anniversary celebration follow us using #AmericaForward10.

  1. Practice2Policy: The Top 10 Ways America Forward Has Shaped Education Policy in 10 Years [America Forward]
  2. Practice2Policy: New Federal Budget Package Has Big Wins For Kids [ICS]
  3. Practice2Policy: Educators Urge Students to Stay In Class, Not Cuffs [Educators for Excellence]
  4. Practice2Policy: Support for Home Visiting is a Bipartisan Victory for Families [Council for Strong America]
  5. Practice2Policy: SIPPRA: Little Known Legislation with Big Implications [America Forward]
  6. Practice to Policy: An Interview With NCLD’s Ace Parsi About Personalized Learning [NCLD]
  7. Practice to Policy: Family First Could Finally Bring Revolution to Child Welfare, Reduce Foster Care, And Trauma [Youth Villages]
  8. Practice to Policy: The Top 10 Ways America Forward Has Shaped Workforce Development Policy in 10 Years [America Forward]
  9. Practice to Policy: The WIOA Pay for Performance Win and Its Impact on The Workforce System [Third Sector Capital Partners & America Forward]
  10. Practice to Policy: Aligning Our Federal Workforce Policy With The Needs Of Opportunity Youth [Year Up & America Forward]
  11. Practice to Policy: The Impact and Promise of Alternative Staffing Organizations [Alternative Staffing Alliance]
  12. Practice to Policy: Freeing Government Data For Social Impact in Massachusetts [Social Finance & JVS-Boston]
  13. Practice to Policy: The Top 10 Way America Forward Has Shaped Pay For Success And Evidence-Based Policy In 10 Years [America Forward]
  14. Practice to Policy: Denver Supportive Housing Social Impact Bond Shows Promising Housing Stability Outcomes in First Year [Urban Institute Pay for Success Initiative]
  15. Practice to Policy: Doubling Down on Social Innovation [REDF]
  16. Practice to Policy: Embracing Continuous Innovation to Improve Outcomes in our Communities [Social Finance]
  17. Practice to Policy: Partnerships are Critical to Meeting Student Needs [City Year]
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