America Forward Applauds Committee Passage of Evidence-Based Policymaking Legislation

“Members of the America Forward Coalition commend the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee on the passage of S. 991, the bipartisan Evidence-Based Policymaking Commission Act of 2015 yesterday, Wednesday, June 24, 2015, by voice vote.

“America Forward believes that in times of greater demand for human services and tighter budgets, we must work together to direct government resources to programs that work and that measurably improve people’s lives. We support this bill and its House Committee-passed companion legislation, H.R. 1831, to create a commission that would help ensure the use of evidence and outcomes in the development of policies and in the funding of interventions at the federal level.

“America Forward looks forward to continuing to work with Congress to help advance this critical legislation through the legislative process.”

THE AMERICA FORWARD COALITION is a network of more than 60 innovative, impact-oriented organizations, working in every state and in more than 1,000 communities nationwide, dedicated to driving systemic change in education, early childhood, workforce development, child welfare and criminal justice. America Forward Coalition members share a commitment to innovating to achieve better results, using data to track progress and ensure accountability, and leveraging resources across silos and sectors to improve the lives of the people they serve. Our Coalition organizations are achieving measurable outcomes in communities across the country every day. We believe that policy approaches that spur innovation, focus on outcomes, and reward results can transform these local results into national change and propel all of America forward.

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