Today’s Student

Seven Students the Next Congress Needs to Meet

The following post was written by America Forward Manager Sarah Groh,. This year, America Forward traveled across the nation to meet students striving to succeed in post-secondary. From Ohio to Pennsylvania to Nevada, we heard powerful stories of persistence and resilience. Without a doubt, many of our assumptions about Today’s Students are wrong. Those striving to earn post-secondary degrees are more diverse

Presidential 2016: Making the FAFSA More Accessible for Today’s Students

The following post was written by Kelly Graham, a Senior at Northeastern University in Boston and Co-Op on the America Forward team. Kelly is supporting America Forward’s Today’s Student work during the Presidential cycle. Before today’s students even set foot on a college campus or enroll in a post-secondary program, and think about balancing competing priorities while attending school, they

Presidential 2016: Student Organizers Leading the Way in Battleground States

The following post was written by America Forward Manager, Sarah Groh. With three weeks until the 2016 election, America Forward’s 18 Today’s Student Organizers are on the ground in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida mobilizing students, and generating a powerful dialogue about the barriers today’s college students face. Today’s students are more diverse than ever across every dimension - 75% of