Seven Students the Next Congress Needs to Meet

The following post was written by America Forward Manager Sarah Groh,. This year, America Forward traveled across the nation to meet students striving to succeed in post-secondary. From Ohio to Pennsylvania to Nevada, we heard powerful stories of persistence and resilience. Without a doubt, many of our assumptions about Today’s Students are wrong. Those striving to earn post-secondary degrees are more diverse

Presidential 2016: Highlighting Student Voices at our Today’s Student Town Halls

The following post was written by Juanita Tolliver, Manager at America Forward, and Sarah Groh, Manager at America Forward. Can you imagine working a job, raising your grandchild, and combating poverty all while enrolled in college? Or, what if taking a "gap year" actually meant leaving school and working at the Gap for a year in order to pay for

Presidential 2016: Updates from the Field

The following post was written by Jessica Crawford, America Forward’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Juanita Tolliver, America Forward Manager, and Sarah Groh, America Forward Manager. The 2016 Presidential election is in full swing and as the nation pivots its attention to the Republican and Democratic conventions this summer, and the general election in the fall, America Forward has a message for