America Forward Evidence in Action Blog Series

America Forward’s Evidence in Action blog series highlights the voices of the more than 70 social innovation organizations that make up the America Forward Coalition, the results-driven solutions our community has to our country’s most pressing social problems, and the evidence-based federal programs that are critical to scaling the impact of this work. Follow along on Twitter with #EvidenceinAction and catch up on the series here.

  1. Evidence-Based Policymaking is an Idea Whose Time Has Come (America Forward – Series Inaugural Post, 4/4/17)
  2. Evidence in Action: AppleTree Institute’s ‘Every Child Ready’ a Model for Future Pay for Success Projects (AppleTree Institute, 4/6/17)
  3. Evidence in Action: Making a Difference for Veterans (Social Finance, 4/11/17)
  4. Evidence in Action: Five Stories of How National Service is Delivering Results (America Forward, 4/13/17)
  5. Evidence in Action: Every Student Succeeds Act (Urban Institute, 4/17/17)
  6. Evidence in Action: Leadership Changes Everything (New Leaders, 4/19/17)
  7. Evidence in Action: Five Stories of Evidence Delivering Results in Education, (America Forward, 4/21/17)
  8. Evidence in Action: Implementing Evidence-Based Policymaking (Urban Institute, 4/25/17)
  9. Evidence in Action: Moving the Needle on Making Schools Healthier (Food Corps, 4/26/17)
  10. Evidence in Action: Innovating in Education (Center for Research and Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins University, 4/27/17)
  11. Evidence in Action: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (America Forward, 5/1/17)
  12. Evidence in Action: Expanding Access to Opportunity Through Work-Based Education Programs (Year Up, 5/2/17)
  13. Evidence in Action: Strengthening Workforce Development Through Pay for Performance (Third Sector Capital Partners, 5/3/17)
  14. Evidence in Action: Five Stories of Evidence Delivering Results in the Workforce System (America Forward, 5/4/17)
  15. Evidence in Action: From Innovation to Impact (America Forward, 5/8/17)
  16. Evidence in Action: Improving Outcomes for Children (Institute for Child Success, 5/9/17)
  17. Evidence in Action: Evidence-Based Approaches to the Opioid Epidemic (Urban Institute, 5/16/17)
  18. Evidence in Action: Evidence as a Better Way to End Poverty (Urban Institute, 5/18/17)
  19. Evidence in Action: Moving America Forward With Evidence and Innovation (America Forward, 5/19)
  20. Evidence in Action: Activating Communities to Make a Difference (Reading Partners, 5/24)
  21. Evidence in Action: AmeriCorps Drives Success (College Possible, 5/25)
  22. Evidence in Action: Scaling Solutions Through Outcomes Rate Cards (Social Finance, 5/31)
  23. Evidence in Action: Leveling the College Access and Completion Playing Field Effectively and Efficiently (College Forward, 6/6)
  24. Evidence in Action: 10 Ways City Year AmeriCorps Members #MakeBetterHappen (City Year, 6/7)
  25. Evidence in Action: Every Dollar Counts (National College Access Network, 6/8)
  26. Evidence in Action: A Twitter Conversation about #EvidenceinAction (America Forward, 6/13)
  27. Evidence in Action: Early College High Schools (Jobs for the Future, 6/15)
  28. Evidence in Action: Jumpstart Transforms Young Children’s Lives Through Proven Program (Jumpstart, 6/26)
  29. Evidence in Action: Connecting Workforce Innovation Fund Evaluation Results to the Implementation of WIOA (Social Policy Research Associates, 6/28)
  30. Evidence in Action: Scaling A Program That Stop Diabetes In Its Tracks (LISC, 7/12)
  31. Evidence in Action: Forging a New Path: Using Pay for Success to Build Career Pathways for Underserved, High-Need Youth (Social Finance, 7/19)
  32. Evidence in Action: Serving Freedom (LISC, 7/20)
  33. Evidence in Action: Age is Not a Barrier to Civic Engagement (Generation Citizen, 8/1)
  34. Evidence in Action: Climbing the Ladder of Evidence to Create Results for All Students (BARR Center, 8/17)
  35. Evidence in Action: Investing in Accessibility (NCLD, 9/19)
  36. Evidence in Action: Preparing Effective Teachers, Building Strong Communities (NCLD, 9/28)
  37. Evidence in Action: Public-Private Partnerships Demonstrate the Power of an Integrated Curriculum (Schools That Can, 10/4)
  38. Evidence in Action: Meeting Students Where They Are, With Help From The Investing in Innovation Fund (i3) (New Classrooms Innovation Partners, 10/10)
  39. Evidence in Action: Using Pay for Success to Keep Families Together (LISC, 10/17)
  40. Evidence in Action: Using Evidence as a Tool, Not an Axe – Creating a Culture for Learning from Evidence (Abt Associates, 10/24)
  41. Evidence in Action: The Bard Early Colleges and a Broadened Vision of Educational Opportunity (Bard Early Colleges, 11/1)
  42. Evidence in Action: County Government Trusting Family-Led Solutions (Family Independence Initiative, 11/8)
  43. Evidence in Action: The Power of NYC Leadership Academy’s Aspiring Principals Program (NYC Leadership Academy, 11/15)
  44. Evidence in Action: Measuring the Effects of Bottom Line – a College Access and Completion Program (Bottom Line, 11/21)
  45. Reflecting on the Evidence in Action Movement (America Forward, 12/12)
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