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Take 5: #SocInn News Links: 6/27/14

Here’s five interesting #SocInn links we’re clicking on today: Opportunity Nation Blog: Bipartisan WIOA Passes Senate The bipartisan, bicameral Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), which includes a Pay for Success option and other key provisions, passed in the Senate in a 95-3 vote: “This represents tremendous progress for all of us and our work. WIA has been in sore

Take 5: #SocInn News Links: 4/28/14

Here’s five interesting #SocInn links we’re clicking on today: LIFT Blog: Why Serving A Year Is A Big Deal: A Guest Post by Our Partners at ServiceNation Tim Smith, Director of Online Engagement at ServiceNation brings awareness to LIFT's Serve A Year campaign, and explains the importance of spreading a new spirit to our nation: "Through this campaign, we’ve been

Friday Wrap Up: New Profit and its Portfolio Orgs Making the News This Week

Here's a wrap-up of just some of the news New Profit and its portfolio organizations made this week: NEW PROFIT: FORTUNE: Trust the private sector, not Washington, to get job training right With Washington's job training being recognized as an "expensive, bureaucratic, ineffective mess", the private sector is taking the lead on workforce development. America Forward's Senior Policy Advisor, Shirley